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  • "I love your hats! I bought every size so I'm ready every time one of my kids outgrows a hat. I would LOVE my own Flapjack hat - they're so fun and sturdy! Is that possible?"

    - Pauline
  • Thank you so much for your thoughtful message. It really makes you stand out from other online retailers. Of course your product stands out from the rest as we already have about 4 of your other hats, which we purchased in stores, but it’s nice to see that the President is just as extraordinary as her product. Your hats far exceed the competition in quality, utility, durability and style. We were so pleased with our initial purchase and will continue to be repeat customers. They make perfect gifts for little ones that should be on every parent’s wish list.

    - Katie
  • The hats have arrived and are exactly what I ordered. This is the second summer in a row we've ordered from your website, we absolutely love your hats.

    - Heather
  • What great customer care! Just wanted to let you know how much I love your sun hats. This is our second — we’re replacing the first one only because our son grew out of his first one. I really like how wide the brim is — keep up the great work!

    - Erin
  • We got the hats and the kids love them. My little guy is sleeping with his dinosaur cap on.

    - Krista
  • My daughter LOVES her FlapJackKids winter and summer hats and Alex & Ivy dresses! She loves that she has choice and that they are so cute and fun. For instance, she can choose to be a bluebird or an owl, depending on her mood. She is not a fan of wearing hats, but FlapJackKids has made it so fun that she is happy to wear them. She is excited to wear her Alex & Ivy dresses in the winter or summer and reverse the pattern when she wants to. As a parent, I love FlapJackKids products for the amazing quality, versatility and that they put the fun in everyday clothing

    - Nicole de Larzac
  • My son absolutely loves playing make-believe and his reversible sunhats and winter hats are the perfect fit for his enormous personality. Anyone can tell you that dressing a determined 2 year old can be a challenge, especially when they don't want to wear a hat and it's below zero. Enter - FlapJackKids - THANK YOU! It is so easy to give him the option of becoming a bear or a wolf and just like that I have a (growling or howling), happy boy that is safe from the cold and sun!

    - Dan Nascimento
  • Can't wait to get them! Y'all have the best hats I've ever found.

    - Katie
  • Our little girl recently lost her treasured FJK flip UV protective summer hat design type sandcastle/mermaid...Our little one is very distressed because she lost it and is asking about her head every day.Anything you can do would be very much appreciated.

    - Diana
  • I am very happy with my purchase. My 4 year old son lost this hat (shark/lobster) last summer when it flew off his head on our boat and we were unable to retrieve it. He was in tears. His brother wanted badly to get him a new one, it’s not exactly the same but I know he will love it!

    - Kristin
  • Wonderful customer service. The kiddies had a great time picking out their favourite hat. Ours arrived this afternoon! Yah!

    - Lisa


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